It is helpful to have the following information upon submitting a quote request:

  1. 1)Title of Project

  2. 2)Customer Name & Point of Contact (phone and/or email)

  3. 3)Date Required (subject to terms)

  4. 4)Quantity1

  5. 5)Size2

  6. 6)Stock3

  7. 7)Color4

  8. 8)Finishing5

  9. 9)Delivery Method (shipping, pickup, deliver)6

  10. 10)Other (See below for details) 7



  1. -Standard nomenclature for color uses “#/#”, whereby the first number refers to color on the front side; second number refers to back side

  2. -The most common color combinations are below:

  3. 4/0: Full color on one side; no color/blank on the back side

  4. 4/4: Full color on both sides

  5. 1/0: Black or Pantone color on one side; no color on the back side

  6. 1/1: Black or Pantone color on both sides;

  7. 4/1: Full color on one side; black or Pantone color on the back side

  8. Other combinations include: 2/0, 2/1, 2/2, 3/0, 3/1, etc); most often using some form of Pantone colors and/or Black

5 Finishing

  1. -Beyond trimming and/or packaging your item(s), there are additional    services you may require such as: Banding or shrink wrapping in specific qty’s, laminating, diecutting, taping, gluiing, inserting, etc.

6 Delivery Method

  1. -Shipping costs are additional and calculated at the end of the job

  2. -Delivery fees are additional; There is no charge for pickup

7 Other

  1. -If your item is 4 pages or more, please disclose the total # of pages

  2. -If you require any design or changes to your file, please let us know

  3. -If your project involves mailing, please provide an approximate quantity of addresses (or applicable database file)

  4. -If you require diecutting, foil stamping, embossing or spot/flood coatings, or any other additional services, let us know.

1  Quantity

  1. -We can quote multiple quantities if requested (there is no minimum qty, but there is a minimum fee)

2  Size

- Refers to the final trim size

  1. -If your item is a folded piece, such as a booklet or notecard, provide flat and folded sizes


  1. -If your item is a booklet, let us know if the cover has the same or different stock as the inside pages

  2. -If you aren’t sure what paper you want/need, we can offer suggestions

  3. -Common terms describing different types stock are:

  4. “Text” or “Cover” weight: refers to thin paper or thick paper

  5. “Gloss”, “Dull”, “Uncoated”: refers to the type of coating on the paper

  6. “C1S”: refers to gloss coating on one side, uncoated on back side

  7. “Kromekote” refers to an extra glossy coating (can be C1S or C2S)

  8. “80#”, 100#”, “12 pt”, etc.: refers to the weight/thickness of the stock (Example: “80# Gloss Cover” or “10 pt C1S”)

  9. We also offer textured and colored stocks

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